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Little Faifo is proud to provide the unique culinary taste under the magical hands of the chefs with a great wealth of cooking experiences. The secrets of processing traditional dishes will not only bring you back to the colorful past of Hoi An but also stick to the features of modern global integration. Little Faifo is not just a name, it's about a story.



Spicy tuna and prawn mango salad, sweet and sour pork ribs and chicken breast, wok-fried ancient noodles, chocolate tempura. With selections like these, it could take some time to order from the set menu. Choose one starter and one main course or one main course and one dessert. The variety of dishes on our set menu makes it easy for everyone to get exactly what they’re craving.
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Mains Course Menu

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    BBQ Pork ribs

    Grilled Pork ribs in homemade BBQ sauce served with steamed vegetables and steamed rice
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    Tiger Prawn tamarind

    Pan-fried Tiger prawn in tamarind sauce, steamed vegetables and coconut steamed rice
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    Roasted country Duck

    Roasted country duck breast in five spice sauce, Hoi An duck salad, ginger steamed rice
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    Grilled Tiger Prawn in garlic

    Grilled Tiger prawn in garlic, stir-fried vegetables in butter garlic, trio chef‟s sauce
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    Sweet and Sour Pork ribs

    Wok - fried boneless pork ribs, bell pepper, onion, tomato, pineapple in homemade sweet and sour sauce. Served with steamed rice
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    Duo of Pork

    Hoi An “ Cao Lau” noodle with charsiu pork & roasted pork rib, wonton and bokchoy soup