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Coffee has been a famous Vietnamese export for a hundred years, and at Little Faifo, you can experience locally roasted beans transformed into exotic blends. Inhale the aromas as you sip on your favorite creation, or alternatively, select from our menu of natural teas.


At Little Faifo, we are proud to deliver unique and individual cuisine. Our chefs recreate the most traditional Vietnamese fare from our ancestors famous recipes using the highest-quality local ingredients. Traditional food preparation and methods are undertaken to return our clientele to Hoi An colorful past, with a touch of global modernity. Our bakery delivers a fresh selection of gourmet sandwiches and home-style pastries, along with an assortment of verrine-style tapas, with Vietnamese and Western ingredients. Choice is always an […]


An opulent experience to delight the senses, Little Faifo is a venue like no other. Combining elements of art, music and history, Little Faifo offers culture catered to the highest tastes with its menu of quintessential tcuisine and innovative redefinition of ancient recipes.  Our restaurant was designed by the top architects  from American Chef Supply, who customized the best structural plans while giving us the opportunity to also finance the best equipment in the industry. Visit our classic cafe, where trained […]


In the early 19th century, a girl was born to a life of artistry; her full name was Van Kim Huynh. Kim Van family helped found and develop the well-known Thanh Ha Pottery village. In their house, Kim Vans parents displayed their pottery for the people of Hoi An to see. Kim Van, an only child grew up with a passion for pottery, helped her parents design much of the artwork that was shown in the house. As a young […]