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Spicy tuna and prawn mango salad, sweet and sour pork ribs and chicken breast, wok-fried ancient noodles, chocolate tempura. With selections like these, it could take some time to order from the set menu. Choose one starter and one main course or one main course and one dessert. The variety of dishes on our set menu makes it easy for everyone to get exactly what they’re craving. For a more traditional and intimate meal, select dishes are available Vietnamese family-style.


To cleanse your palate, sample our delicious dessert menu. A selection of sweet treats awaits you – from freshly whipped fruit mousses in coconut, durian or passion fruit, to grilled banana cake or black sesame sweet soup. If it’s something simpler you crave, a selection of our finest homemade ice cream awaits you, in gorgeous exotic flavors such as ginger and coriander.


Plunge into the heart of Little Faifo with our deliciously balanced main menu. Whether it be slow-caramelized pork, parrot fillet or roasted prawns, let your imagination carry you away as you feast on premiere dishes, each exclusively designed, prepared and presented to you for your culinary pleasure.


A range of redesigned ancient Vietnamese fare awaits you in the form of appetizers, soups and salads. Experience a taste of redefined Hoi An as you dine on exotic salads boasting bases of papaya, pomelo and lotus, intricately layered soups, and a fresh new take on spring rolls. Whet your appetite with whimsical reinventions of Hoi An classics before delving into a sumptuous main.


After dinner, return to the bar for sweet wine or liqueur or if you hadn’t ordered from our sweets menu, a sumptuous cocktail with all the promise of dessert in a glass. Soak up the dazzling display of lanterns from the streets below, and let the music of our nightly jazz band return you to the decadence of Hội An’s colorful past.


Venture into our bar, mingle with our clientele, and let our piano soloist carry you away with blues melodies and traditional Vietnamese sonatas. Peruse our extensive bar menu, take a seat at our patio, and watch the streets of Hoi An turn into gold as the sun sets and you whet your appetite for dinner.


Our bar menu consists of a carefully-selected range of fine wines, beers, liquers, aperitifs and cocktails ranging from classic to the creative. Enjoy our specifically designed creations using seasonal fruit, herbs and quality mixers. Sip on an old favorite redesigned by the Little Faifo team, or discover new horizons with a medley of new flavor sensations.


For a lighter meal, our cafe offers a range of menu options to cater to every appetite. If its traditional Vietnamese fare you are in the mood for, select from our carefully crafted reinvention of the spring roll, our twist of classics such as Vietnamese pancakes or the eponymous Hoi An classic, White Rose. Likewise, choose from our range of baguettes, boasting a melee of complimentary and unique fillings, or our specialty chargrilled BBQ pork with local herbs baguette.


The classic cafe is the perfect venue to experience luscious homemade ice cream. Our creations are fresh, utilizing the finest local ingredients. Flavors range from the classic to the unusual: ginger, black sesame and coriander. Sample them alone, with our pastries, or smothered by a fresh fruit mousse of durian, passion fruit or coconut.


At Little Faifo, we are proud to deliver a range of baked goods that will make your mouth water. Our pastries, created daily by our chefs, include our famous Grandmother chocolate cake that will leave you deliciously satisfied yet craving for more. Our verrine-style tapas are a distinctive experience of color, ingredients and Spanish style, presented elegantly encased in glass. If its sandwiches you are in the mood for, our cafe boasts an array of just-baked breads, ranging from rye […]