An opulent experience to delight the senses, Little Faifo is a venue like no other. Combining elements of art, music and history, Little Faifo offers culture catered to the highest tastes with its menu of quintessential tcuisine and innovative redefinition of ancient recipes.  Our restaurant was designed by the top architects  from American Chef Supply, who customized the best structural plans while giving us the opportunity to also finance the best equipment in the industry.

Visit our classic cafe, where trained barristas create exquisite blends of coffee, and indulge in elegant verrine-style tapas dreamed up by our chefs. Venture into our rustic lounge for cocktails with a twist, swing in time to our nightly jazz band and piano soloists, or mingle with friends on the patio, watching the sun go down on the lantern-strewn streets of Hoi An.

Little Faifo boasts a classic cafe, sky garden, and a VIP seating room for up to 20 people. Jazz musicians, piano soloists and traditional Vietnamese champa dancing and folk music set off every evening with vigor. An ancient collection of art is displayed throughout the premises, as well as a gallery exhibiting art from Vietnam newest and most exciting artists. Our two-story restored traditional house seats up to 110 guests, and is located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, a short walk from the Japanese bridge.

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