In the early 19th century, a girl was born to a life of artistry; her full name was Van Kim Huynh. Kim Van family helped found and develop the well-known Thanh Ha Pottery village. In their house, Kim Vans parents displayed their pottery for the people of Hoi An to see.

Kim Van, an only child grew up with a passion for pottery, helped her parents design much of the artwork that was shown in the house. As a young girl who was an apprentice of her mother, Van fell in love with a French artist. However, her parents fell ill, and she refused his love to prove her loyalty to the family. She decided not to get married and devoted her life to taking care of her ailing mother and father.
After her parents death, she continued her career as an artist. She had no children, so she gave her house, which she inherited from her parents, to a niece whose name is Lien Huong, who shared in the pottery trade.
It is this very house, which to this day still guards the timeless collection of art, that has now become the restaurant Little Faifo.
Be inspired and fulfill not only your physical appetite but your appetite for art, history and beauty as we present, for your pleasure, the collection of Le Kim Van and Lien Huong.

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